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The Simple Divine Truth Books
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Fate or Destiny
From Birth to Eternity
From Cross to Crescent
From economics to politics
From intuitions to prophecy
From Davinci to Davinci code
From Bible to Qur’an to Vedas
Be good or Bad, No in-between
From personal life to family life
From wickedness to Saint-hood
Personal prayers to mass worship
From Peace to War and Terrorism
Where and how to change your life
From criminal-blood to Holy-blood
Life-history of few eminent persons
From Satan to Vampires to superstitions
Horoscope to witchcraft to Vasthu-silpam
Code of conduct for all categories of people
From the beginning of the world to the End
Beginning of caste, color, creed & languages
More than 145 main and innumerable sub-topics
Amazing disclosure of human body, mind & Spirit
From Christianity to socialism to communism to Capitalism
Reasons for drought, natural disasters like flood & earth quakes
Why should you be true and honest and not a white washed coffin?

“The Simple Divine Truth Books"
With wide varieties of subjects

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