The Simple Divine Truth - Book VII

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01. Who will follow Jesus?
02. How to Inherit The Kingdom of God?
03. Valmiki (An Indian Sage)
04. Veda Yasa (An Indian Sage)
05. The Good Shepherd
06. Symbolism of Black
07. Exegesis and Eisegesis
08. Circumcision
09. Faith without works
10. New year and New self
11. Christian Era
12. I Never Knew You
13. Suicide
14. Why are you created (born)?
15. No Sound Doctrine
16. Not Everyone To Heaven
17. You Will Be Hated By All
18. Truth Sets you Free
19. Profiting Spiritual Work
20. When People Praise You
21. Why to Suffer
22. Fire
23. We Shall Be Like Him
24. God’s Curse on Earth
25. Numerology and Christianity
26. The Ultimate Truth
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